Modern Android

2016 — 2017 — Android apps created recently that actually work on the latest versions of Android

Shower Thoughts Live Wallpaper

• Displays random /r/EarthPorn images and posts from /r/ShowerThoughts •

Battery GO

• Lock screen/dimmer app that leaves Pokemon GO running in the background •

Super Mario War

• Android port of Super Mario War •


Early Android

2008 — 2011 — No longer functioning Android apps built back during the Cupcake/Donut and physical keyboard time period

Falling Letters

• Simple typing game for Android phones with physical keyboards •

Kidd GBC

• Early slow but working GBC emulator for Android •


• Sales, downloads, and review tracking app for Android developers •


• browser for Android •

Facebook Chat/Contact Sync

• Facebook helper apps for Android back before Facebook had an Android app •

Flick Note

• Notepad that synced with Simplenote and had Markdown support •


2005 — Side project of learning Flash during High school

Super Mario Bros: Multiplayer Mayhem

• Multiplayer Mario fighting game with a Super Smash Bros style camera •


2005 — 2006 — Experimenting with Java for a High school final project and an early University project


• Multiplayer Asteroids game with procedurally generated asteroids •


• Sudoku game with pencil marks. 1000'S of levels and an undo feature •


2003 — 2005 — Learning to program in early High school


• Pong with powerups and different game modes, what more do you want •


• Breakout with randomly generated levels, powerups, and bosses •


• Multiplayer pacman with up to 10 ghosts and a built-in level creator •


• Multiplayer Tron game supporting up to 20 AI players •