Battery GO

Created to resolve an annoyance that I had with the Pokemon GO game when it first came out where Pokemon GO’s battery saving feature was buggy and I wanted the app to just run in the background and vibrate when a Pokemon was nearby.

This app overlays the Pokemon GO game with a ‘fake’ lock screen, dims the display, and intercepts touches. Thus it’s able to replicate a normal Android lock screen while tricking Pokemon GO into continuing to run in the background. So Pokemon GO can be left running when you put your phone in your pocket without worrying about accidental clicks.

As far as the battery saving aspect go:

  • On an AMOLED screen the lockscreen in black and thus the screen is off
  • On all phones it attempts to dim the display to the darkest setting while the screen is locked
  • On rooted devices the app outright turns off the screen when you activate Battery GO. Unfortunately it’s now very difficult to run Pokemon GO on a rooted phone since Niantic implemented SafetyNet checks a couple months after I released the app.
  • I also made some attempts on rooted phones at limited the CPU usage of Pokemon GO while the screen was locked but ultimately it didn’t appear to make a difference and/or interfered with Pokemon GO running correctly.

The app also had an unexpected use for users who wanted to run Youtube without the screen on.

Download on Google Play

Direct APK download not available yet.

Source code not available yet.