My version of the classic breakout game. It turned out fairly well. The collision detection isn’t perfect and not having a limit on the powerups can lead to some bugs but the bosses were so fun to make.

The bosses are cool. Every five levels you play against one. They can’t kill you or anything, they’re basically just moving blocks in the shape of a face. Then I made each one have different features. Like one that took a couple hits per block to destroy or another one that the eyes and mouth were indestructible until the rest of the face was gone.

There are 4 different powerups are available in the game.

  1. Ball – increases the size of the ball
  2. Paddle – increases the size of the paddle
  3. Float – makes the ball change direction and start moving upwards again
  4. Ultimate – turns all the balls white and causes them to go right through blocks without rebounding

(5 powerup points per ball for the ultimate, 1 per ball for the other three)

The powerups don’t come from items falling from the sky though. The floating green block at the top gives the player a powerup point whenever it’s hit and then those points are spent on the powerup of your choice.

Player 1 Player 2
Left Left A
Right Right D
Release Ball Up
Switch Powerup Left
Use Powerup Right

Cheatcodes (‘c’ to enter codes):

  • Balls Everywhere – changes the number of blocks you need to destroy to get an extra ball
  • I Hate This Level – display level selector
  • Super Power – gives the player 999999 powerup points