The very first game I made. It’s pretty bad, but it’s also probably the most bug free and completed game I’ve ever made.

I hadn’t yet learned how to implement a proper GUI so it’s all textbased for the settings. It allows 1-2 players plus an extra mode where basically the computer never misses and you get a point everytime you hit the ball and then see how long you can go.

Many extra features were also implemented. The ball can be set to speed up as the round goes on and a couple special powerups can be used. One to reverse the vertical direction of the ball when you hit it and one to just make the ball go straight at the other player. These can both of course be turned off if you so choose.

The physics are extremely horrible in the game. The ball can basically only travel at a 45 degree angle.

Player 1 Player 2
Up Up W
Down Down S
Smash Left D
Reverse Right A