Super Mario Bros: Multiplayer Mayhem

The first and only program I ever intend to write in flash. It went fairly well but I’ll never consider Flash a proper development tool.

Basically it’s a 2-4 player deathmatch based in the mario bros 3 universe. Stomp the oppenent to make them lose a life. Last one standing wins. Fairly simple gameplay.

I managed to include quite a few of the items and powerups from the game. The mushrooms (regular, poison and 1up), fireflower, hammer, and star powerups are all included. There is also the occasional random appearances of koopas coming out of the question blocks instead of helpful items.

The maps are mostly comprised of the tiles from mario bros 3 along with some edited tiles found onĀ MFGG. Warp pipes, vines, switch blocks and bouncy pads are also all fully functional. Currently there are 10 levels, and although the map editor (a seperate program) is functional making creating maps very easy, external loading of maps was never implemented so the only way to add maps would be to edit the flash code and republish it. It wouldn’t matter anyways since the tilesheet I used has since been lost.

Now what’s not included: the physics are nowhere near how I would like them to be, other game modes were never completed, online play did work but not well enough for me to restart the server, moving platforms, more enemies and powerups, etc.



No code available