Super Mario War

A port of the open-source game¬†Super Mario War to Android and Android TV. The game has a wide variety of modes, piles of levels and items and CPU players. It’s essentially Super Smash Bros mixed with Super Mario World. The game itself is a port of the latest source code (pre 2.0).

There’s an on-screen controller for playing the game on touchscreen devices an external wired or bluetooth controllers can easily be connected for local multiplayer. The app also has Android TV Leanback support for being able to easily play it on Android TV.

On Screen Controls:

In Game:

  • Botton action button = Jump
  • Left action button = Run/Use Standard Items
  • Top action button = Use Unique Items
  • Right menu button = Pause
  • Left menu button = Exit


In Menu:

  • Right menu button = Select
  • Left menu button = Back


Remember to configure the Game and Menu controls for any external controllers.

Download APK (v1.0.0)

Source Code